Author and Blog

So why am I here writing a blog?

I care about Dana, its people, and the work of the Dana Cooperative. I want to share its work with the wider community and also want to promote Jordan as the safe, welcoming, beautiful and interesting country that it is.

Where is here?

Here varies between Dana which is in the Dana Nature Reserve in the Tafilah Governorate of Jordan, and the UK

Found on GoogleWho am I?

I am Scottish, my name is Lorraine, and I have made a long-term commitment to supporting the Dana Cooperative. I have been a volunteer for several years.

What do I do?

I support the Dana Cooperative’s development work, most recently, its sustainable tourism projects. I act as general assistant to the Cooperative’s Project Manager and am the Booking Coordinator for Wadi Dana Eco-camp. I am involved in marketing, and manage Facebook pages and a Twitter account. When I am in the UK, I continue my work via the internet, and when I am in Dana my role extends to acting as hostess at Wadi Dana Eco-camp, supporting the Eco-camp team with general hotel duties, and promoting the work of the Cooperative to dignitaries at key events. I also teach conversational English.

How did I become involved with Dana Cooperative?

I was hiking in the Dana Nature Reserve, and my guide told me about the Cooperative and its work. By the time I had finished the full-day hike, he had persuaded me that I should come back as a volunteer. It took me a year to return because of work commitments, but return I did. I sent my C.V. to the Cooperative’s Volunteer Coordinator, had an interview over Skype and then came to Dana for a 9 week placement. I knew within a few weeks that this was something I wanted to do on a long-term basis.

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